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Collaborations!, Brighton Media Centre, 2011

This was a Create Compete Collaborate project funded by Accentuate South East and the Legacy 2012 Trust. I collaborated with artist Carlo Keshishian, who created the animations, visual artist and athelete Alexandra Adams, Asanti Afrika Performers in Uganda and children and young people from the Brighton-based charity, Mosaic. All music and sound art is composed by me.

Myscape, Collins Gallery, Glasgow, 2010

In this project, 17 artists with autism spectrum conditions were invited to contribute works exploring their relationships with architectural landscapes, real or imaginary. The exhibition featurd the work of artists from six different countries, all with unique backgrounds, and techniques vary from painting, drawing and sculpture through to sound installation, and site-specific commissions.

The invited artists approached the topic in divergent ways; some works objectively mirror selected environments, whilst others centre on the exploration of abstract ideas and subjective interpretations of architectural landscapes. The exhibition juxtaposed these different responses, thereby developing unexpected relationships and narratives between the works.

For this exhibition, I composed two soundscapes, one based on my local area, and the other based on London. The soundscape was composed for four speakers, arranged so that the listner could stand in the middle and experience the effect of being enclosed in a 'booth' of sound. The image below shows the placement within the gallery of the speakers through which my sound installation was played.

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