Anya's Music
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Below are some excerpts of my music. For full versions, please contact me.

Electroacoustic Pieces

Transmutation (excerpt 1) and Transmutation (excerpt 2)
Composed for creature effects artist Michaela Bayley's Transmutation exhibition.
Sound sources include a variety of household metallic objects.
3MB, approx 3 mins duration each

Composed as an outdoor sound installation for six speakers. Sound sources include
water, birdsong, trains and sounds recorded at a scrap metal facility.
3.7MB, approx 4 mins duration

Made up entirely of samples of a small ornamental bell, incorporating granular
synthesis techniques. Installation for up to 12 speakers incorporating live mixing.
4MB, approx 3.5 mins duration

Made using a single sample of a church bell, processed using various effects
resulting in over 500 different sounds from the original sample.
2.2MB, approx 2 mins duration

Percussion track made using sounds recorded from various items in a friendís flat
1.7MB, approx 1.5 mins duration

Acoustic Pieces

For 2 pianos 0.7MB, approx 1 min duration

The Dancing Woodlouse and the Persistent Dripping Tap
For oboe, bassoon and 2 marimbas
0.5MB, approx 1 min duration

Three Movements
For flute, harp, piano, violon and 'cello
1.7MB, approx 3 mins duration

Dance Pieces

Piano Layers
Built from interweaving piano loops which come
in and out as the piece progresses
2.6MB, approx 2 mins duration

Used 2 B a Tree
Made up entirely of samples of pieces of paper being torn,
flicked and rustled.
2.5MB, approx 2 mins duration

Metallic Latin
From samples of various metal objects being struck
such as a step ladder, a cake tin, and a soft drink can
using various Latin American rhythms.
3MB, approx 2.5 mins duration