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February 2014

Lynn and I are busy working on Living Portraits. We're aiming to have a Research and Development day where we explore other exhibitions for inspiration and soon after that we're hoping to meet with groups of young carers. Selecting which carers to work with will be challenging, but we're both really excited about the project and the creative possibilities that it presents.

November 2013

Great news! Artist Lynn Weddle and I have been awarded Arts Council England funding for our Living Portraits project. We will be working with young carers across the south east to make filmed living portraits in which the carers will be still, but their breathing, blinking and other small movements will be captured. I will be working with the carers to collect sounds from their environment and compose evocative, atmospheric sound art to accompany the portraits. To read the project blog click here.

June 2013

I'm delighted to say that Michaela Bayley's Transmutation II exhibition will be touring to Gloucester City museum from June to September 2013. For more information please click here.

I've also been asked by Artist Lynn Cox to compose some music for her Diving Into Darkness project. Click here to read the Diving Into Darkness project blog.

September 2012

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I will be DJing at Liberty festival. I will be playing a combination of my own composed chillout music and selected other pieces.

May 2012

Iím very pleased to be doing some more work on Accentuate South Eastís Driving Inspiration project. I will be delivering a virtual assembly to some local schools followed by a one off workshop in improvisation and Foley work to create sonic narratives that will be incorporated into digital stories. Iím also hoping to do some DJing at this yearís Liberty Festival in September. Nothing completely certain yet, but I will keep you updated!

February 2012

Have just got back from Banbury where Iíve been helping Michaela Bayley install her amazing Transmutation exhibition! Iím delighted to report that she was really pleased with the music I wrote for it and it is currently playing in the gallery, providing a suitably atmospheric background to Michaleaís amazing work. Click here to hear an excerpt of the piece and click here for an image of Michaelaís work. You can also follow her on twitter @sfxcreator

Iím also busy working with five special schools in London as part of Drake Musicís RAMP It Up project, where, I and another facilitator are creating bespoke workshops and teacher training sessions in order to increase disabled studentsí access to music making activities. Iím really enjoying it and learning so much.

December 2011

I am very excited that creature effects artist Michaela Bayley has asked me to write some music to accompany her forthcoming exhibition at Banbury Museum! I am a huge fan of her work and am honoured that she has asked me to work with her.

September 2011

Had a great time premering my site-specfic installation Hypnosis today at the Liberty festival. There were lots of people sitting relaxing while listening to it and I even heard people commenting on how relaxing it was, which was great to hear as that was the desired effect! Itís always a pleasure to perform at the Liberty Festival and my location on an outdoor balcony at the National Theatre was perfect and I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to play my music there. To hear an excerpt of Hypnosis , click here.

July 2011

The participative project Driving Inspiration, on which I have worked with photographic artist Lynn Weddle, and schools Rye College and The Avenue, is due to be exhibited at Stoke Mandeville school on the 14th of July. (Images and further information coming soon to the Exhibitions page.) For more information about Driving Inspiration , click here.

I've also been commissioned to create a site-specific sound installation at the National Theatre as part of Liberty Festival, September 2011. The area will be a designated 'chill-out' space, so the piece will seek to create a sense of relaxation, while also using found sounds from the vicinity to link it to the location and also to reference the anniversary of the Festival of Britain. As well being installed, the work will also feature segments of live performance at points throught the day. Please come and check it out!

April 2011

The final exhibition for the Collaborations! project is here! The exhibition is at the Media Centre Gallery in Brighton from the 11th-17th of April. My segment of the exhibition, titled Associations will be exhibited alongside other Collaborations! projects led by artists Lynn Weddle and Jon Adams. For more information about Associations, click here.

March 2011

Still busily working on the Collaborations! project alongside emergent Artist Carlo Keshishian and Athlete Alexandra Adams. We're also collaborating with Mosaic, a Black, Asian and Mixed Race parentage group in Brighton, and Asanti Afrika performers in Uganda. Carlo, Alexandra and I are using a "word association" theme where we each create a work based on a word, and then we 'swap' with each other to create an additional work in response to the other's piece. The final exhibition, due to be shown next month, will be an audio-visual installation, alongside additional pieces.

Additionally, I am currently featured as a profiled artist on the new Drake Music website. Click here to take a look.

December 2010

Iím busily working on the Collaborations! project (despite several inches of snow!) and am also preparing for the second workshop day of the Driving Inspiration project.

Composing and project management are things that I have, in the past, done separately, so combining the two is a new experience for me. Iím working very hard, but enjoying the opportunity to do something so creative and ambitious and am learning a great deal.

September 2010

I am very happy to have been offered the position of Established Artist for Collaborations!, one of 15 projects run by Accentuate which represent the arts, film, tourism, business, sport and heritage and are inspired by the values and achievements of the Paralympics.

I will be working with a visual artist and a disabled athlete to explore themes linking sport, art and the South East region, to create a multimedia installation which will be exhibited in spring 2011.

I am also working on Driving Inspiration, another Accentuate project, which is being led by a photographic artist. I will be working with young people in two schools to collaboratively compose short pieces of music/sound art in response to their photographs.

For more information on these projects, please see the Accentuate website

Additionally, my music will be profiled this month on Resonance FM, by Tim Nordlicht.

June 2010

The mentoring sessions are about to come to an end. Iíve really enjoyed being a mentor and, while composing and performing will always be what I want to do most, Iíd certainly consider doing some more mentoring in the future.

May 2010

Iím delighted to have been asked to perform at PigPen! For those of you who donít know, this is a brilliant, innovative and highly original club night run by Gabriel (Autist) and Ben (Artist). Iím really looking forward to it. Instruments I will be playing include, flute, keyboard, paper, cardboardÖ

For more information about the club night, click on the links below

PigPen MySpace page
Interview with Ben and Gabriel
PigPen facebook page

February 2010

The sound installation I composed for the Myscape exhibition is currently on display at Glasgowís Trongate 103 gallery. It has two movements, one based on London and the other based on my home town. It is for 4 speakers, one either side of the listener at approximate Ďear heightí, one above tilted downwards, and another on the floor tilted upwards. The idea was to position the speakers so as to create a Ďboothí of sound that the listener can step into.

The piece is different from my previous work in that I tried to strike a balance between emphasising the natural rhythms and patterns I notice in everyday sounds with the fact that some of these sounds can be quite difficult and uncomfortable to listen to, particularly for those of us who have autism-related sensory issues. While this was a difficult decision, as I prefer my work to be about exploiting the detail and beauty that I hear in certain sounds, I wanted to focus on the theme of the exhibition, which was exploring autistic peopleís interpretations and perceptions of architectural landscapes.

It was a great experience to have my work featured in an exhibition, and I very much enjoyed speaking at the launch event.

For more information and details of how to obtain an exhibition catalogue (featuring a CD of my piece) please see Project Ability's Myscape page

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