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me enjoying a frappuccino! Hi, I'm Anya and I'm a Composer/Sonic Artist and Musician.

I compose modernist classical music (influences include Thomas Adès and Ligeti) and experimental electro acoustic music (influences include Stockhausen, Jonathan Harvey and Aphex Twin). I have a strong interest in the ideas of sound sculpture, immsersive sound experiences, the spatial element of sound and abstract sonic narrative

I’m currently working as a Composer and Musician on solo, collaborative and participative projects.

My previous work has included: Lead Artist for Collaborations!, working with an Emergent Artist, and Athlete and groups of young people in the UK and internationally; Associate Musician / Composer on the Connecting Across Difference project; and Disability Access Officer at an internationally respected art gallery. I've performed my music at various clubs, and premiered my multichannel piece Metalllicum at the 2009 Decibel performing arts showcase. I have exhibited at the Collins Gallery in Glasgow and the Media Centre gallery in Brighton, and my work has been played on Resonance FM and Radio 4

I have had a strong interest in all things musical since childhood. I started having flute lessons at the age of 9, followed a few years later by by piano tuition, and participated in many concerts with local youth ensembles and choirs.

Aftter completing BA Music studies at the University of Sussex, I went on to complete an MA in composition.

Another thing: I'm autistic (and proud!) and am an active member of the autistic pride movement. I have spoken at a variety of events and had articles published on the subject.

As part of my autism, I experience hyperacusis. For me, the volume of noises can be magnified and surrounding sounds distorted and muddled. I have an inability to cut out particular sounds and a lower hearing threshold, which makes me particularly sensitive to auditory stimuli, to the extent that it can cause me severe and excruciating pain.

On the positive side, it means that I notice sounds that others may not hear at all. I hear detail and beauty in sound; I observe qualities that others may completely miss. To me the smallest and seemingly most insignificant of sounds can present limitless creative and expressive possibilities.